Sting of the Heat Bug

A companion blog to my memoir, "Sting of the Heat Bug"

Meeting Jack Sheedy

Some months ago, Joseph Timothy Quirk featured my book in his Nutmeg Chatter blog. I am just now re-blogging it. Thanks, J.T.!


IMG_0920 (c)2014 Quirk photos can not be reproduced without written permission

I knew of Jack Sheedy long before I met him.  Jack Sheedy is an accomplished writer and award winning news editor of The Catholic Transcript newspaper. There were articles about his book “The Sting of the Heat Bug” in the local newspapers and earlier on in the year we spoke briefly when I interviewed his wife, the poet and writer Jean Sands, for a profile piece I wrote relative to her work with the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory. So I looked for an opportunity to speak to Jack at a different time and this year that opportunity presented itself and in the process, I had the opportunity to read his memoir.

10308172_774435969256077_7186280841465906581_n (c)2014 Sheila Ivain. Photos can not be reproduced without written permission

Readers of Nutmeg Chatter may recall that in May 2014 I wanted to produce a “local…

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